6 Talks For The Environmentally-Curious You Need to Catch At The Conscious Market 2019

This Merdeka weekend, I designed The Conscious Market to encourage the conversation on how we live more consciously for ourselves, the community and the environment. 

So if you are frustrated with the state of the world and its destruction, and want to know what you can do, how you can do it, and what areas you can be looking at, come and get inspired with 5 of my favourite topics!

How To Live Without Waste by Claire Sancelot

This… this was the talk that flipped a switch in my brain 2.5 years ago and propelled me into my #zerowaste trajectory.

The Hive Bulk Foods is a pioneering force in introducing zero waste living to Malaysians being the first zero waste bulk foods store in Malaysia operating since 2016.

Claire shares about the 5Rs, and how it is a simple, beautiful process to reprogramming the many aspects of our life to be kinder to the environment.

Climate Reality by Baida Hercus, Free Tree Society

The climate crisis is the great challenge of our time.

Baida serves truth in this gripping talk that will reach any individual, no matter how early or far in their eco-conscious journey. Grasp the weight of the climate crisis, how it affects all of us, and what we can do.

Baida is a Climate Reality Leader, trained under the Climate Reality Project led by Al Gore. 


The Recycling Myth by Greenpeace

 Only 9% of plastic waste actually gets recycled. Malaysia became deeply entrenched in the conversation as we live through the breakdown of the global recycling system, with recyclable waste from all over the world showing up on our shores. Come and uncover the truth with Greenpeace Malaysia, and learn how we can act for change.



The Zero Waste Wardrobe by Melissa Tan

This is where I share all 7 ways to achieve a stylish, never-ending wardrobe full of inspiring #OOTDs , #zerowaste.

This is the summation of my personal 4 year long journey of enjoying fashion sustainably, with the intention to create the least impact possible to the environment.



The Sea Monkey Project by The Steenland Family

You’ll hear about how the Steenland family travel the region to educate on plastic pollution and create cottage industries locally with the open source Precious Plastic recycling machines.

Mrs Shred, the plastic recycling machine ‘eats up’ plastic waste like plastic drinking straws and bottle caps, and moulds them into brand new items like these plastic turtle necklaces !



Easy Urban Gardening #EatGrowEat by Evangeline Lim

Evangeline understands the trials of being an enthusiastic gardener while living in a condo with no balcony. 
But that didn’t stop her from GROWING HER OWN FOOD, and sharing the joy and her knowledge of gardening with others as well through Lady of Leisure .

Learn how to #EatGrowEat for yourself with her easy urban gardening knowledge, suitable for both landed or highrise dwellers! She is also the founder of a free plant-swap/gifting (SWAG) platform Plant Swag (Swap/Gift) 


We have talks happening all weekend at the Conscious Market to get you inspired on a journey to conscious living. 
Discover the why behind making better choices for our bodies and the environment, learn how to minimise waste and leave with a new conscious understanding of the world around us.

The Conscious Market is a community market which focuses on supporting and celebrating businesses and causes that champion conscious consumerism – driven by natural and organic living, ethical, environmental or social causes.




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