An Intro to Swapping and ANNOUNCING the next Clothes Swap in August!

If you are a first time swapper or introducing a friend to the concept, here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect from a Clothes Swap!

Why should we swap?

We are over-consuming fashion, and most of it is ‘fast fashion’ – one of the world’s most wasteful, polluting and exploitative industries.

The most sustainable and cost-friendly thing we can do is shop from our own wardrobes. We can re-wear, restyle and re-love the pieces we already own.

But if you want to explore outside of your wardrobe, you can kick it up a notch in a clothes swap. Swaps are where we’ll bring a group of ladies together to shop each other’s wardrobes instead.

It’s a great avenue to also re-home your unloved clothing (in good condition) responsibly within our community. Your fashion mistake could be someone else’s favourite ‘new-to-them’ outfit

Who is this for?

Swapping is for everyone, especially if you are:

  • Stressed out about your wardrobe. Your closet is stuffed full but it feels like you never have anything to wear;
  • Feeling guilty about your fashion past. Think all the impulse shopping purchases and style choices that didn’t quite fit you gathering dust in your closet;
  • No longer the same size, and need a new wardrobe.
  • Looking to reduce your environmental impact with sustainable fashion choices

Why now?

The pandemic lockdown had us feeling all sorts of ways.

Some of us are discovering we don’t need that much clothing after all. Or find that we have new preferences for the types of clothes we wear (could I really bring myself to squeeze into jeans again?).

Some of us are anxious for a revamp after all that time spent indoors.

Revenge spending is on the rise, but this is also an opportune time to reevaluate the way we consume.

Whatever your motivation may be, a clothes swap is a great way for us to share fashion within the community and rehome our unwanted clothing responsibly so that they get a chance to be reloved again.

You’ll also learn to

  • Experiment with new styles in a low-risk setting (no $$$, trade lots of great style advice with other swappers)
  • Embrace a mindful, healthier relationship with fashion – decluttering responsibily, promote sharing within the community instead of reaching for your wallet as a default
  • Break addictive shopping habits that cost us lots of $$$ and causes harmful social and environmental impact

Fashion is about expression. While we have made mistakes in the past, let’s make the sustainable choice forward and reinvent our wardrobes with swapping, not shopping.

Join us for the next Swap at the beautiful Komune space in Bangsar South, in collaboration with the empowering women of Supparetreat!

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