The Return of the Clothes Swap!

After several months of hiatus for the Clothes Swaps, it feels great to be able to gather safely (and responsibly) to swap our wardrobes again!

This time, we’ll be in Damansara Perdana!

So if you’re tired of the clothes in your wardrobe (especially after this 6 month break), join us and swap your unloved clothing for a whole new wardrobe!

Here’s a Refresher on How It Works

  • Declutter your wardrobe of the unloved clothing (bags and accessories are good too!)
  • Filter the clothing that are in good condition – a good gauge is to pick stuff you wouldn’t mind gifting to a friend – maybe something not quite your size, or an impulse purchase that just wasn’t your style.
  • Bring them on the day and Swap them for ‘new-to-you’ outfits!

You could be waltzing stylishly through the rest of 2020 with a new #sustainable wardrobe!


Date: 18 July 2020, Saturday
Time: 10 am - 12 pm
Location: Damansara Perdana (F&B Event Space, to be revealed soon)

Ticket Price for ONE : RM35
Early Bird Special: BRING A FRIEND with our TWO for RM60 registration!

The ticket price gives you:

  • Unlimited swapping!
  • Food & Drinks

Clothes Swaps are a community event, by the community for the community.

The ticket price goes towards supporting our Venue Partner by feeding you with good food, compensating our volunteers helping to run the swap, and sustain all the ongoing community swaps and events!


Register at

Register quick, as spaces are limited. We are enforcing responsible social distancing so we will cap the number of participants for this session!

If you have any questions, drop me a mail at contact[at] or drop me a DM on my Instagram.

For Newcomers, What Is The Experience Like?

Swappers are amazing!

It starts off with a group of strangers coming together for a clothes swap, but over the course of the swap it’s incredible to see how they show up for each other.
They style each other, give each other fashion advice, and share stories of their clothing.
They celebrate together when they find a piece they love, showering each other with compliments and encouragement.

So although each lady leaves with an awesome update to their wardrobe (averaging 6.5 pieces per girl!), the best part is bringing the feel of community around fashion.
Plus they get the joy of actually seeing first-hand how their clothes lights someone else up all over again, that ‘letting go’ of the clothing they no longer love felt GOOD.

Previous swappers have said:
– Clothes swapping is now their favourite method of ‘shopping’ and it helps them reduce their impulse shopping habits
– They’re more adventurous with trying new styles they may not have considered before, especially with the encouragement and tips from other swappers

It is incredibly satisfying seeing someone else enjoy your unloved clothing first-hand, that de-cluttering feels GOOD!

How You Can Impact Someone Else

The MORE people experience the wonders of clothes swapping, the more we can reduce our environmental impact from fashion.

So take advantage of the 2 for RM60 Early Bird registration and introduce a friend to the joy of swapping 😉

Come have a good time, make your next favourite outfit #zerowaste and rehome all your unloved clothing to bless someone else!

Sign up, start de-cluttering, see you there!

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