Nature Has Been Silenced, How Do We Fill Our World With Her Sounds Again? #StartWith1Thing with Discovery Channel

I notice my body ease when I’m hiking in the middle of the forest. The ‘clenching’ my body has been subconsciously doing until now, releases.

You would think it was because of the peace and quiet. But the scene is quite different.

Nature is vocal, very vocal. The birds thrill to one another while the insects give off their mating calls (cicadas can get LOUD). A whole orchestra of sounds that is absent at all other times of my week.

It may not be quiet, but I am at peace.

Humans are a part of nature, yet we seem to have done everything we can to remove ourselves from it.

This comes to mind as I wander through Discovery Channel’s Earth Day site.

Discovery Channel invites us to Compose For The Earth, an Earth Day campaign that sheds light on 14 environmental issues across the world, one of them being light pollution:

Discovery is a firm believer that all of us have a role to play in creating a better planet. Together, we can take the first step and #StartWith1Thing.

The site engages users in learning more about environmental issues and how to be more environmentally conscious through a creative activity, composing a personalised song for the Earth, where we:

  • Explore how human activity has overtaken the sounds of nature through 14 environmental issues experienced throughout different parts of the world
  • Compose a song with sounds of nature tied to 16 responsible actions we can take for the Earth
  • Share your personalised mix tape on social media to encourage your followers to take action

How Can We Bring Nature Back Into Our World?

It bears to remember that humanity and nature should not be separate. This disconnect has been one of the root causes of so much of our environmental destruction and climate woes. Every choice we make in the way we live and consume is connected to these issues.

Apart from making responsible choices, for many of us who live in cities and towns (and even those who don’t), here are some ways we can encourage nature back into our living spaces.

  • Re-wild our urban living spaces

Our built world has been sterilized – allowing nature to exist only in carefully manicured lawns. They may look green, but they are far from habitable, providing no shade or safety for wildlife. Try letting your garden grow wild, or create sections off a treaded path that are allowed to grow freely.

  • Grow more native plants, flowers and trees in every available space

Be a part of establishing mini wildlife corridors and habitats for wildlife within our built environments. Urban Biodiversity Initiative (“UBI”) are a great resource for fostering biodiversity within our cities, and free plant sharing organisations in your community are a handy way to get started.

  • Stop the use of chemical pesticides

Adopt natural practices for your garden like natural and homemade pesticides (neem oil, onion, garlic, chilli sprays), or permaculture practices like companion planting, building healthy soil, and encouraging beneficial insects and other predators.

What sounds have been missing from your life? And how will you #StartWith1Thing to bring it back?

This article is in conjunction with the Compose For The Earth campaign by Discovery Channel.

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