Women of the Future Awards – Shortlisted 2021

So….I’ve been shortlisted for a Women Of The Future award.

It is humbling to be beside so many of these accomplished women (and so many from Malaysia!), with highly respected names like Red Hong Yi and Nandini Balakrishnan who are renowned for the work they do. It’s intimidating to say the least!

I can’t remember ever coming near an award and I haven’t really thought of myself as a leader.

But maybe the way we view ourselves isn’t always the most accurate. What’s more important is what we continue to put out there.

So much of the work happens in the background, away from Instagram, and I hope to continue to be of service so that we can change the world as we know it, one step at a time.

Congratulations to all the shortlists and a big thank you to the organisers, I’m grateful to be one of you!

What is Women of the Future Awards? 

Women of the Future Awards Southeast Asia aims to build a platform to showcase regional emerging leaders – those who are not afraid to question stereotypes, break boundaries and drive positive change with courage, hard work and determination.

This initiative is an integral part of our vision to build a global, collaborative network of women. We believe the strength of our brand in the UK, as well as our expertise and experience means that we are in a strong position to positively impact different regions through our programme.


What is the Arts & Culture Category?

Are you a budding actress or an energetic film producer, an artist or a choreographer? This award acknowledges the creative forces of the future – rising stars among performing artists and those behind the scenes.


Who is Shortlisted in this Category?

Melissa Tan Li Hsia , TV Host / Presenter / Model / Zero Waste Advocate & Environmentalist, Melissa Tan / Fashion Revolution Malaysia / The Green Guerrilla (Malaysia)

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