Responsible Technology Consumption is key

Is your business moving forward with plans to become more sustainable? Discover why responsible technology consumption in business is your key to sustainability.

Have consumer mindsets really changed?

Well, there’s always a scale. Some are just starting to be aware of the climate crisis and its context to their lives. Some are passionately pushing the sustainability movement forward.

But no matter where you are on that scale, the rising tide has been lifting all boats.

There has been a growing hunger, almost impatience, for solutions as the climate crisis gets harder to ignore – whether it’s community-based, nature-based or evolutions in technology.

But at the same time, we’ve also gotten better at scrutinising the effectiveness of those solutions. Greenwashing will get harder to slip by as we connect and learn from each other faster than ever before.

Realistically, there are no perfect solutions, just incrementally better decisions.

What I am encouraged by is how more and more people are not just hoping for a better future, they’re taking action.

People are demanding more of brands and increasingly holding them accountable. They’re making personal and business decisions driven by environmental responsibility.

So organisations and brands that are transparent, that follow through with ambitious commitments, will attract the most support as the climate crisis and its impacts continues to make its presence felt.

Thank you Epson Singapore and Epson Malaysia for a welcome return to Singapore to be a part of the regional EPSON New Horizons Business Summit to speak about responsible technology consumption in businesses and trends in the consumer segment alongside

– Stefanie Beitien, Head of Market Transformation at WWF
– Mohit Raizada, Senior Research Manager of IDC
– Dave Ng, Group CEO of Bok Seng Logistics

It was an insightful look into where businesses are heading in the sustainability landscape.

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