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What If You Only Needed One Charger for Every Device? Innergie ‘One For All’ Type C Charger | REVIEW

You wouldn’t want to borrow my phone charger. 

I’m that girl with the frayed cables and the charger that MAYBE connects at a certain angle. Both my laptop charger and phone charger have been surviving on their last legs. My duct taping skills could only go so far.

I prefer to travel light, so it’s long overdue for me to reduce the weight of chargers I carry for my devices. And the last thing I wanted was to replace them with ‘more’.

So I wondered, how can I replace them with a sturdy, simplified setup? 

Innergie’s flagship series, their One For All chargers, landed on my doorstep at just the right time.

Their One For All promises a comprehensive power solution for your everyday relationship with your devices. There are currently four models in the Innergie’s One For All series’ adapters – the C3 Duo, 45H, C6 and C6 Duo, ranging from 30W to 63W power outputs with up to two ports. They are equipped with USB PD Fast Charge, with an advertised 0 to 70% in 50 mins for the current ranges of iPhones, and Innergie’s GreenSense™ commitment believes in enabling people to do more while using less power so they’re designed for high energy efficiency

Is it possible for me to replace ALL my chargers with just one “One For All” adaptor?

According to Innergie’s spokesperson, Derrick Ho, Director of SEA & Oceania, there is a lot that sets Innergie’s One For All adapters apart from other chargers in the market. 

“Our motto is “Less Is More”, to provide adapters on multiple device’s charging with 91% high efficiency. We carry out our product development entirely in-house from concept, design, testing and manufacturing to achieve quality finishes in mono block design. Our 3 years warranty vouches for our products’ reliability and durability” says Derrick. 

You can use your existing cables with Innergie’s charging adapters, and I wanted to make the best out of the cables I already owned. With four options to choose from, I wondered:

What would be the best strategy in choosing the right Innergie charger ? 

As I understand it, a higher wattage charger can supply up to the specified amount of current. It is able to charge lower wattage devices, but a lower wattage charger can’t charge a device that requires a higher power output.

One For All chargers have dynamic power allocation which automatically detects, calculates, & outputs the correct power for your devices. So, should I go with the highest power level (W) so I can charge more types of devices with it? 

Derrick breaks it down for us. “We recommend choosing the C3 Duo for charging with iPhone, iPad Air and Android devices, the 45H for charging two devices with up to 45W input, the C6 with 60W output for charging iPhone, iPad Air, MacBook and Android device one at a time and finally C6 Duo to charge higher power devices simultaneously. 

Hence, it is better for users to decide on the adapters based on their current needs since higher power adapters with great efficiency will come into the market progressively. You will soon see Innergie 100W USB-C charger join our One For All portfolio too!”

So I spent a few weeks with the One For All series and put Derrick’s advice into practice. 

Each charger can either give a power output up to its maximum, or split and share if you’re using a duo port. 

One thing I noticed was how you could swap out the position of the plug itself, giving you a little more flexibility in charging positions. This could come in handy if you were fighting for space with a competing charger beside you, say at a busy cafe, or if a wall power socket was awkwardly placed in a corner, though you won’t often find yourself in that situation given the chargers are already slim and compact!

I also learnt that One For All adapters are equipped with InnerShield Protection™ to keep your devices safe from irregular power occurrences. It offers five layers of protection including Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Over Power Protection and Short Circuit Protection.

Here’s how I see myself choosing between these chargers

If you are a light traveler

If you mainly travel with your phone, the C3 Duo offers a lightweight and flexible option. It weighs only 70.5g and allows you to charge your phone and accessories at the same time. Most phones in the market are without  headphone jacks and bluetooth earphones and smartwatches have become omnipresent. So make every charging opportunity count if you’re always on the move.

If you still have USB-A cables

All of the chargers except the 45H were Type C chargers, while the 45H had two ports for USB-C and USB-A. 

If you still have USB-A cables you’d want to keep in use, especially with older devices, 45H would serve your purpose. Most current devices released are already on Type C, but it’s great to have the option to keep our older devices in use for longer. The 45H weighs 96g.

If you want heavy duty, charging two devices at once for both work + play

If you want to be able to charge two devices at once, look no further than the C6 Duo. It lets me charge both my laptop and phone at the same time . 

My laptop’s original charger had a 45W output, so I am still able to charge my laptop with the C6 and 45H, but only if I was charging it alone. For example, using the 45H my laptop stops charging if I try to charge my phone at the same time, because the output steps down to 30W + 12W. 

The C6 Duo means I’m able to use both ports at once, without having to think twice (45W + 18W / 30W + 30W). I am more likely to use this one in the office or at home, considering it’s heavier at 140g. But, if we compare it to many typical laptop chargers or carrying multiple chargers, it is lightweight.

If you have high powered devices, but still want to go lightweight

If you mostly move around for work, have higher powered devices to charge but don’t wanna carry as much charger weight as the C6 Duo, the C6 would be a good choice. 

The C6 weighs 85g in comparison and is a lot smaller. You’ll just have to swap between your devices as it is a single port charger. Great for packing, while still being able to serve all your devices.

Would Chargers Like These Help Us Cut Down on E-Waste?

The conversation around e-waste is often focused on how many and how fast we produce and consume devices. But we often overlook that the ACCESSORIES supporting our devices are produced and discarded in similar volumes – especially if they come automatically in-the-box whether you need another or not.

Accessories like One For All chargers – compatible with most gadgets and across brands and devices with the aim to reduce clutter to one simple charging solution – could go a long way in helping the market reduce the amount of e-waste it produces. 

My question then is whether a One For All charger is actually displacing and preventing the production of multiple chargers?

I’m optimistic. Some phone brands are already changing up their approach to how they sell devices. Apple and Samsung’s recent move to remove accessories like charger plugs and earphones with phone sales were said to be with the intention to reduce their carbon footprint and size of their boxes for shipping. Derrick also believes this is a trend other phone makers will follow and eventually extend to laptop makers as well.

The strategy to not include accessories automatically with a device purchase has understandably gotten mild pushback from some consumers. But it is a necessary transition to establishing a norm where frills and excess are no longer common practice. 

The reality is, the tech world has to slow down the amount of devices it pushes to consumers every year. Minimising the production of duplicate accessories in households is one area that players like Innergie can support in today’s market. I look forward to seeing more collaborative efforts between device manufacturers and accessory players like Innergie to efficiently reduce the excess and duplication in accessories overall.

If you need to replace a charger like I did or want to simplify your charging setup, check out their range of All-In-One Chargers and use my promo code “Innergie_MT” for 20% off

Click here to visit Innergie’s website.

About Innergie

Innergie, a brand of Delta, is a leading provider of consumer power solutions with Delta’s 50 years of advanced technical experiences. They offer more eco-friendly adapters for consumers to provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.  

Their “One For All” products reduce the clutter with one simple charging solution. With expertise in compact power technology, Innergie designs and produces solutions for your home, workplace, and mobile lifestyle. Innergie is working on reducing their plastic footprint, launching new packaging this year to reduce overall plastic use by 95%.

This post is produced in collaboration with Innergie

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