Antarctica, Here I Come ✈️ ❄️

This week, I set off on the Antarctic Climate Expedition with Dr Sylvia Earle and Ocean Geographic, as an Ambassador representing Malaysia 🇲🇾

In this groundbreaking climate summit, I join a team of 110 thought leaders, conservationists, scientists, educators and policymakers from around the world on a mission for humanity.

The impacts of the climate crisis, are magnified in the Arctic and Antarctic.

While my heart will break witnessing first hand the infinite, pristine beauty we are losing in the face of the climate crisis, I know it’ll be built back stronger working with people from around the world who will not stop until we’ve won.

Through this expedition, we will be formulating a master plan and resolutions focusing on the ocean‘s role in our climate, a feature documentary, exhibition and a book that will go around the world with each Ambassador.

I’m so excited to share this experience with you, and more importantly I hope to translate what I learn and bring it home, for more people to see themselves at the heart of climate solutions.

My deepest gratitude to @oceangeographic for believing in me and @cdl_sustainability for the support and opening doors I couldn’t have imagined.

See you on the other side ❤️


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