I work with various organisations, corporate entities, community outreach projects and creating more awareness allows me to have a stronger impact, empowering others to take action when it comes to sustainability.

As an advocate, I wear many hats, and I’m involved in numerous roles such as: managing multiple community projects, brand consultation, sustainability marketing, and idea creation.

I primarily speak on zero waste, impact of fast fashion and ways to reduce plastic consumption. I work with many organisations to help spread the message across and adopt sustainable living habits. Below are some of the brands I’ve worked with to help amplify their cause and message.

I hope to see more companies follow suit in the race to help save this earth.

Clients I’ve worked with:

Discussion and Workshop Topics


Climate Reality: Understanding the Climate Crisis

Do you have questions about the greatest challenge we face and what you can do about it? How do you make sense of all the natural disasters plaguing our world? Forest fires, coral bleaching, loss of habitat are just the tip of the melting iceberg. What do we know and how can we do something?

Melissa has been trained under The Climate Reality Project by Nobel Laureate Al Gore to talk about our changing climate in simple terms that make it easy for anyone to understand what’s happening and what can be done.

What we will cover:

  • the science of the climate crisis
  • explain the practical solutions that are already available today
  • simple things you and your network can do to make a difference

Duration: Talk and Discussion (60 mins)

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Zero Waste Living / How To Live Zero Waste

Discover the answer to the question: Can we live without creating waste? This workshop intends to equip you with the mindset and tools so that you can align your values as a conscientious individual with your lifestyle. Filled with life hacks, tips, and tricks beyond “bringing your own bag”, it takes a fresh look at the daily choices we make as we learn to live with close-to-zero waste.

It will focus on:

  • The connection between our choices and actions as an individual to the greater world around us
  • How we can make a meaningful impact through a shift in perspective and simple adaptations in daily living
  • The 5 Rs of the Zero Waste Lifestyle
  • Navigating social situations gracefully to not create waste
  • Local resources available and how to navigate going zero waste in any location

Duration: Talk and Discussion (60 mins)


Sustainable Fashion: Building Your Zero Waste Capsule Wardrobe

Whether you’re an #OOTD queen or rock a style that is simple and functional, discover how you can go zero waste with your wardrobe as Melissa shares on how she enjoys an unlimited wardrobe and stays fashion forward, without buying anything new for the last 3 years.

This workshop aims to equip every woman with the tools to attain a never-ending stylish wardrobe in an eco-friendly way as we shift towards consuming fashion more sustainably
Take back control of your wardrobe with outfits that not only make you feel good, but saves time, money and the environment.

This workshop will cover:

  • The 7 different ways we can enjoy fashion sustainably
  • Minimalism and navigating the “need for more”
  • Capsule wardrobes and how to build your own wardrobe that’s ‘just enough’

Duration: Workshop and Discussion (60mins)

Canva - Compost in the Garden

Hands-on Workshop: Composting 101

Malaysians send 16,000 tons of food waste to the landfill every single day, with approximately 50% of our daily trash made up of food waste.Composting diverts organic waste from the landfill and turns it into compost i.e. Black Gold, returning nutrients to the ground and regenerate healthy soil.

It is one of the best things you can do for the environment, and your garden. The process of composting is a combination of art and science – but it’s simpler than you think! This incredibly satisfying endeavour will not only cut your daily waste in half, you’ll never have to deal with smelly trash bins again.

This workshop will cover:

  • how composting works and what can you compost
  • setting up a compost bin and building a routine
  • different methods suitable for all living situations – from big backyards to small spaces and condominiums
  • Troubleshooting, dealing with constraints and pitfalls

Duration: Workshop and Discussion (60 mins)

  • Interview: Zero Waste Living (Hello Mentor Podcast)
  • Climate Action for Everyone (TGG Digital Earth Week)
  • Composting (TGG Digital Earth Week)
  • Circular Economy in Action (ThinkCity – Earth Week)
  • Documentary Commentary (ThinkCity – Earth Week)
  • Sustainable Fashion (Alyfe Connects)
  • Zero Waste Wardrobe ( Zero Waste Malaysia)
  • Interview: Zero Waste Living (Modelpreneuer – Elite Network)
  • World Environment Day Talk (UEM Malaysia Facebook)
  • Environmentalism, Zero Waste Living (Podcast: Ssup Influencer/Nuffnang/Malaysia)
  • Moderator: Food Waste (AIESEC in Sunway)
  • Zero Waste Talk / Zero Waste Living (BNP Paribas)
  • Zero Waste Travel Made Simple (Swap 4 Earth Singapore)
  • Cooler Earth – Circular Economy (CIMB Cooler Earth)
  • Volvo Sustainability Talks
  • Intel Earth Day
  • MYD Fireside Chat with ASEAN’s Climate Leaders
  • Fave Presents: Building Sustainable Lifestyle One Habit at a Time
  • Standard Chartered: Sustainable Fashion & The Zero Waste Wardrobe
  • ZWM – Chubb Insurance
  • Sectoral Strategies To Transitioning to Low Carbon Cities (MyL3C)
  • Zero Waste Living for #ClimateMonth – Zurich Malaysia
  • Clothes Swap
  • Digital Earth Week
  • Clothes Swap x Rawsome
  • Clothes Swap x Supparetreat at Komune Coworking
  • Clothes Swap x Green Hero
  • World Cleanup Day
  • Clothes Swap x Think City in Penang
  • Stitch n Bitch – The Waste Journey
  • Sustainable Fashion & Zero Waste Living (EarthDay.org)
  • Zero Waste Living – Sea Monkey Project
  • Second Hand Summer – in conjunction with Circular Cities Week 2021

Implementing sustainable measures for the workplace?

Setting up a clothes swap or even creating a fun composting workshop?

Bring awareness to action.

Are you up for the challenge?

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