adidas x Parley Campaign


Our days are filled with choices.
Choices that connect us to big issues like the climate crisis and plastic pollution with every purchase we make.

We can’t really stop consuming. But we can choose less harmful ways to do it – like reconsidering if a purchase is a real ‘need’ or a temporary ‘want, or choosing second hand.

If I buy new, I try and do it with the long-game in mind.

When it comes to performance wear, if natural fibres isn’t your first choice, then recycled plastic is a decent bet to make.

Adidas recognises their role in these global issues. So they’re moving towards eliminating all use of virgin plastic by 2024, and committed to only reusing plastics that are already in existence.

This is an encouraging step forward ✨✨✨

It helps create a stronger demand for recycled plastic, especially with the scale of Adidas’ business.

The bizarre thing is, virgin plastic (and polyester) is cheaper than recycled plastic, due to factors like the falling price of oil, the often subsidised fossil fuel industry, and how it does not account for its ‘true environmental costs’.

That’s partly why even in a world full of plastic, our global plastic recycling rate is only 9% and so much virgin plastic is produced every year.

We need to increase the recapture of resources – and demand for recycled plastic creates demand for plastic recycling in the first place.

Choose your running shoes wisely and they can be a part of addressing plastic waste.

Then take care and maintain them well so they last longer.
The #Ultraboost21 in the campaign is from the Prime Blue collection made of fully recycled plastic from Parley


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