645 pieces rehomed and reloved.

15 August

I co-hosted my first Clothing Swap since MCO with Supparetreat at Komune Co-Working in Bangsar South and it was a hit! 645 items were rehomed and so many new faces participated in their first clothing swap. we had delicious food from Davina Da Vegan and delightful coffee from Outcast. Zero-waste cookies and snacks were sponsored by Origin Bulk Food and Kintry.

Pictures by Dedy Adrianto

I lost no time in explanation, but plunged immediately into a discussion of our plans for the immediate future. It was decided that I was to try to make Helium while Kantos Kan was to enter the palace and dispatch Sab Than. If successful he was then to follow me. He set my compass for me, a clever little device which will remain steadfastly fixed upon any given point on the surface of Barsoom, and bidding each other farewell we rose together and sped in the direction of the palace which lay in the route which I must take.

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