18 Jan 2020
243 Pieces Rehomed
Rawsome Damansara

18 January

Hosted my first Clothes Swap of the year at Rawsome, Damansara Uptown and had such a great time.

We raised almost RM900 for the Aussie Bushfire Relief in one day.

243 less pieces of fast fashion bought new.

243 pieces reloved and not being forgotten in a closet.

Fresh starts for these clothing and the girls with ‘new’ wardrobes with no additional carbon impact from production!

Thank you to Rawsome Uptown for hosting us in thier space, blessing everyone with delicious chia seed puddings, plus donating part of the food orders that day to the relief fund. Mega thanks to Evangeline Lim and Jacqie who came in to help so selflessly making it a success!

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