Greenpeace: 50 Years of Action

Keep Fighting

This is not a time when it feels right to celebrate, but it is a time to remember the past so we can look to the future with hope, and with action.

Today we need huge, unprecedented change. For billions to unite as a movement, taking action around the world and demanding a green and peaceful future.

And it is possible.

-Jennifer Morgan

50 years ago, marks Greenpeace’s founding voyage of activism. I started my journey just a few years ago, with the honour of being onboard the Rainbow Warrior to speak about my own #ZeroWaste activism. 

There’s still more to do and the message is clear, we must keep fighting. I am truly honoured to be one of the faces featured in this monumental video showcasing other agents of change and fellow activists/advocates amplifying the message to demand a better future for all of us.

Learn more about #50Years of Greenpeace

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