The world’s first and the only one of its kind. Plantonic is a natural 4-in-1 plant-based organic fertilising essence that helps plants flourish by fighting pests and fending against diseases and fungal infections. This tonic also fertilises soil and encourages fruiting and flowering for crops, and utilises an effective formula inspired by Ayurvedic and Traditional medicines.

Speaking at Plantonic’s recent virtual launch, I highlighted the importance of making greener choices accessible to a wider audience.  Chemical fertilisers cause a lot of environmental harm and degrade the soil. We have to remove them from the equation and return to natural solutions.

It was an honour to share the (virtual) stage with Plantonic’s CEO and founder, Eric Tan who was inspired to create the product after speaking to farmers in countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, China and Romania. Award-winning Malaysian landscape designer Inch Lim, the man who designed TSG, commended the contribution. And fellow plant-based lifestyle advocate and performer Davina Goh, who emceed this wonderful event.

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