Meet Melissa Tan – a model, TV host, actress and environmental activist advocating for zero waste living. Melissa holds firm to her belief that each and every person on the planet shares a responsibility to protect the environment. It is this belief that inspires her to speak and encourage climate action at every level – be it individuals, organizations, or policy makers.

As a little girl growing up in Kuala Lumpur, she developed a habit of recycling. However, as she matured and learnt more about the climate crisis, she was exposed to new ways to take climate action and she realized that recycling is far from enough.

Today, Melissa uses her voice and platform to encourage others to join her and take positive steps towards protecting our environment. She regularly speaks on climate change, organizes initiatives at a grassroot level and works with environmental organizations as well as other changemakers to drive awareness among all segments of the population, leveraging her experience and the following she has amassed as a public figure.

Balancing multiple roles and a busy schedule, Melissa has grown to appreciate how technology enables her to do more. She sees the value in having a powerful device and the latest operating system to connect and collaborate with people across the world, working together to change the future of our planet.

Watch how technology empowers Melissa on her journey to protecting the planet:

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