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by ThinkCity Reflexive City | Sustainability

Fashion & The Fight For The Planet

This week we are celebrating Earth Day, the annual global event that involves more than a billion people in almost 200 countries demonstrating their support for the planet and protection of the environment. This year the theme is Restore Our Earth, and as part of a week-long programme of activities, Think City Institute has partnered with Finds of Bukit Kiara, Habitat Penang Fashion Revolution to present a series of virtual workshops and talk and film screenings.

We also have an interview with a zero-waste activist, Melissa Tan, who is also the acting country coordinator for Fashion Revolution, a global movement of fashion industry activists who are working to end human and environmental exploitation in the global fashion industry.

Hosted by Matt Armitage & Maya Tan
Guest: Melissa Tan, Country Coordinator, Fashion Revolution Malaysia
Produced by Matt Armitage for Think City

Episode Resources
Citi Foundation: https://www.citigroup.com/citi/foundation/
Think City’s Programme of Earth Day Events: https://thinkcityinstitute.org/earth-week-2021/
Fashion Revolution Malaysia: https://www.facebook.com/FashionRevolutionMalaysia/
Fashion Revolution Global: https://www.fashionrevolution.org
Earth Day: https://www.earthday.org

For more information about this podcast and the cities we live in, head to: www.thecitymaker.com.my

Visit for more information: https://thecitymaker.com.my/waste-not-want-not-better-ways-to-restore-our-earth/

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