Volvo Car Malaysia Sustainable Talk Series 2021

It’s a wrap to our 4-part dialogue series with Volvo Car Malaysia with sustainability talks to engage their employees, distributors and customers on a range of sustainability and climate-related topics.

Volvo has been a company that has made encouraging strides forward globally with their aim to go fully electric by 2030 , and embrace circular business principles in their aim to be carbon neutral by 2040.

It’s been a real pleasure working with Volvo Car Malaysia over the past two years over several projects, and I’m happy that we could work on a series that helps develop a deeper connection with climate issues and draw clearer lines on how it impacts and connects to everyone. My hope is that it helps them grow on their enthusiasm to explore climate action within their personal lives, community and company.

Climate Reality – Understanding the Climate Crisis

Do you have questions about the greatest challenge we face and what you can do about it?

Melissa has been trained under The Climate Reality Project by Al Gore to talk about our changing climate in simple terms that make it easy for anyone to understand what’s happening and what can be done.

We’ll talk about the science of the climate crisis, and explain the practical solutions that are already available today, including simple things you and your network can do to make a difference

Zero Waste Living

Discover the answer to the question: Can we live without creating waste? As the climate crisis becomes an increasingly urgent topic, never ending news of environmental damage can make anyone feel helpless.

Now, we turn that awareness into action.

In a world running on disposables, single use plastic, and fast fashion, learn how we can enjoy our modern conveniences in our urban lifestyles while still going zero waste. This workshop intends to equip you with the mindset and tools so that you can align your values as a conscientious individual with your lifestyle. Filled with life hacks, tips and tricks beyond “bringing your own bag”, it takes a fresh look at the daily choices we make as we learn to live with close-to-zero waste.

Composting 101: The Art and Science of Turning Food Waste Into Black Gold

Malaysians send 16,000 tons of food waste to the landfill every single day, with approximately 50% of our daily trash made up of food waste. Even though organic waste is biodegradable, in a landfill it rots without oxygen and releases methane, a greenhouse gas ~30 times more potent than carbon dioxide. It also locks away all those valuable nutrients instead of returning them to our soil.

Composting diverts organic waste from the landfill and turns it into compost i.e. Black Gold, returning nutrients to the ground and regenerate healthy soil. It is one of the best things you can do for the environment, and your garden.


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