Zero Waste Living

Discover the answer to the question: Can we live without creating waste? 

As the climate crisis becomes an increasingly urgent topic, never ending news of environmental damage can make anyone feel helpless. Now, we turn that awareness into action. In a world running on disposables, single use plastic, and fast fashion, learn how we can enjoy our modern conveniences in our urban lifestyles while still going zero waste. 

This workshop intends to equip you with the mindset and tools so that you can align your values as a conscientious individual with your lifestyle. Filled with life hacks, tips and tricks beyond “bringing your own bag” , it takes a fresh look at the daily choices we make as we learn to live with close-to-zero waste. 

It will focus on:

      • The connection between our choices and actions as an individual to the greater world around us
      • How we can meaningfully make an impact to significantly through a shift in perspective and simple adaptations in daily living – in a quick and simple manner

Join me on  learning to live intentionally with a lower carbon footprint as we cover:

      • How to live with close to zero waste using simple tools, tips and tricks that are available and accessible to all
      • The 5 Rs of the Zero Waste Lifestyle
      • Navigating social situations gracefully to not create waste 
      • Local resources available and how to navigate going zero waste in any location – even while travelling.
      • Composting tips and tricks
      • Sustainable Fashion

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